Biometrics Example:  Mobile eye tracking of menus

Research Question

What fast food restaurant design elements draw the most and least visual attention to food, price, and nutritional information?


Ran a mobile eye tracking field study to record visual fixations of menu elements.  Tested 3 menus with 166 participants at 8 sites in 3 countries within a 2 week sprint.  Managed the design of a new eye fixation coding tool suitable for challenging 3D real world camera data.  Used qualitative coding techniques to cluster design element concepts.  

Custom heat map, eye fixation coding tool and mobile eye tracker used for visual attention field studies



Updated restaurant menus were deployed in 1200 UK restaurants.  Nutrition laws were updated by the national UK legislative assembly.  A novel heat map technique was published in a premier visual analytics journal.  

Map of restaurants with updated nutritional information based on study insights