A/B Test Example:  Tactile + video + audio gamer research

Research Question

What drives and blocks gamers to use high fidelity haptic controllers instead of traditional haptic controllers?


Led design and development of a medium fidelity concepting tool, Vivitouch Studio, to rapidly prototype haptic game controller feels into video game recordings.  Ran an A/B study at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco comparing (A) traditional rumble haptics on a Microsoft Xbox controller with (B) high fidelity haptics on a new concept Xbox controller.


Gamers using prototypes at GDC booth.


Concepting system highlighted by our CEO at CES – a major tradeshow with 140 000 attendees. Study insights led to new engineering specifications for game controllers and a business development pivot from action games to puzzle games.

CEO demostrating A/B concepting tool, Vivitouch Studio, at CES (click for video).